Christopher Daniels

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Scene Description: 31 year old Christopher Daniels comes to us from Las Vegas. He loves to work out and does a great deal of traveling. After the interview Christopher stands in front of the mirror and slowly undresses. He bends over giving a great view of his pulsating hole and gives his hard cock some rubbing and tugging, while firmly squeezing his balls. He’s a true red head and sports a sexy beard and mustache, along with some trimmed up red pubes. He bends over and with one leg up on the couch and one on the floor, he milks his man meat and finger massages his ass. Now laying back on the couch, he takes a firm grip, working the top portion of his cock as he nears his peak. When he cannot hold back any longer, Christopher delivers multiple cum squirts across his upper chest and across his entire torso!

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Scene Title: Christopher Daniels