David Koral & Walter Uwe

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David Koral & Walter Uwe Presented By Bad Puppy Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: 24 year old David Koral is an uncut hunk and 19 year old Walter Uwe, also uncut and both come from the Czech Republic! They hook up after a night at the club and begin making out, kissing and rubbing each other. David strokes Walter’s cock first through is boxer shorts and soon after begins sucking him off, as Walter leans back on the couch. After a few minutes, David reveals his fat dick and Walter returns the favor, presenting him with some oral action. David on all 4’s on the couch, has his cheeks spread while Walter lubes up his man hole with a bit of spit and rimming action. Not able to wait any longer, Walter takes the plunge and begins pumping David’s ass, drilling down deep. They change angles and positions several times as David takes it like a man. After David rides Walter like the stud he is, Walter pulls out and gives David a face full of dripping cum, rubbing his cock off clean on David’s beard. David enjoys the facial, having not released his own cum shot.

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Scene Title: David Koral & Walter Uwe