Roman Tygr

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Roman Tygr Presented By Bad Puppy Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: 21 year old Roman Tygr is a hot Euro Hunk from the Czech Republic. Roman works in retail sales at the local mall and he is big into Thai Boxing. He is an exhibitionist by nature and was thrilled to be invited to film this jerk off video for Badpuppy members. He sits in the chair and while rubbing his firm body, he unbuttons his jeans and removes his shirt. Roman drops his blue jeans down around his ankles and begins working his thick uncut cock, pulling his foreskin up and down as he stares deeply into the camera and smiles. Deciding to get a bit more comfortable, he removes his sneakers and jeans, with the camera panning in on his sexy feet. Leaning back in the chair, he pulls his legs up and shows off his pulsating hole while spreading his cheeks. He turns backward, with his rear facing the camera and his cock pointing down toward the floor. Roman turns around and leans back, ready to finish what he’s started, he rubs out a thick and creamy load of cum.

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Scene Title: Roman Tygr