Adam Baer And Johnny Forza Fuck Underwater

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Adam Baer And Johnny Forza Fuck Underwater Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Adam Baer. Johnny Forza. A pool. Do you need anything else? Do you HONESTLY require anything else in your life? LOL! Today’s special episode is a wet romp between Adam and Johnny in an indoor pool. The lads playfully frolic like two horned up dolphins. Your mother was wrong about rough housing near water. This kind of play is A-OK!

The two stop playing and kiss. It’s a short smooch, but enough to get you hard. Swim trunks are pulled down and both are rock hard. Adam goes below first and blows. Air bubbles surface as he deep throats Johnny’s meat. He has to come up for air, but Adam is good at underwater play.

They swim to the step and Johnny goes under. He strokes his meat as his mouth caters to Adam. Deep throating is hard for Johnny, but let’s be generous. Blowing a dude under water is no easy feat. LOL!! Johnny come up for air and there’s more kissing.This session is longer than the first.

Johnny puts his strong thighs in the air, and Adam aims for the wet hole. No need for lube. Adam’s sausage is slick, and Johnny’s hole is juicy. When Adam enters, Johnny immediately grunts. Those moans don’t keep Adam from going ball deep. The New Jersey stud’s moans are heard over the sound of water slapping against skin. His toes curl with each down stroke.

The boys change positions, with Adam giving Johnny a change to ride him. Adam’s dick splits that boy pussy in half, with short strokes. Johnny just grabs the pool step and holds on. There is another stance change. Johnny gets on his side, laying on the step. Adam reenters and continues marking that Garden State booty as his personal property. He eventually pulls out and the two have a seat as they smooch. They stoke themselves for a nut. Adam loses it first. Then Johnny. Their cum clumps together and floats away.

OK. Who is going to clean the water? 🙂

Scene Title: Adam Baer And Johnny Forza Fuck Underwater