Brandon Beal Fucks Damien Kyle

By: LoadedCocks.Net

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Scene Description: Brandon and Damien waste no time with introductory talk in this most recent update. If either hottie were in your bedroom, how much time would you spend with conversating? LOL! The pair are kissing, sharing some tongues. Shirts are removed, then pants. OMG!! Look at the curve of Brandon’s sweet ass! LOL!
Brandon stops, looks at Damien, and gives him a slap. Brandon’s pimp hand isn’t brutal, but forceful enough to show Damien who is in charge. He pushes Damien on the bed and straddles his face. That hard meat hovers for a moment before Damien opens wide. Brandon face fucks his partner, trying to have his balls touch chin. Damien gets some kisses for his his efforts.
Brandon then pulls Damien to the side of the bed. He puts some lube on his finger, and starts to feel up that man pussy. Brandon then opens wide and sucks Damien’s rod. Damien loves his hole being teased and his dick getting sucked.
Damien is turned on his stomach. Brandon places lube on his meat, and parts those two ass cheeks. From the start the fucking is balls deep and poor Damien can only whimper. Brandon slaps a butt cheek to remind Damien who owns that booty.
“Fuck me harder,” Damien groans.
When Brandon does so, the resident bottom just holds on to the bed. It’s like he’s hoping there will be relief from the pain. Brandon doesn’t want him to have any respite. He just wants Damien to feel every inch of his rod.
There’s another round of smooching, then Damien decides it’s time he do some riding. Brandon gets on his back and Damien straddles the pole. He sits down and goes back up, his own cock bobbing all over the place. His cheeks are scratching Brandon’s pubes.
“You like that,” Damien wonders.
“Oh, yeah,” the top stud replies.
Moans and the sound of skin against skin fill the studio.
“Ride that cock,” Brandon orders.
Damien gets on his side and Brandon resumes control.
“Fuck me,” Damien moans.
Brandon does. Fast and hard. His face is starting to get shiny from all the effort. Damien’s special spot can stand only so much pounding. His man milk jumps out, landing on his stomach, chest, and the sheets.
Brandon pulls out and jerks his tool over Damien’s open wide mouth. Jizz hits Damien’s tongue, and he licks up the rest from Brandon’s wick.
Brandon leaves some kisses on Damien’s shoulder and the scene ends.

Scene Title: Brandon Beal Fucks Damien Kyle