Dakota Ford And Damien Kyle Oral

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Dakota Ford And Damien Kyle Oral Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Dakota Ford, the stud who so impressed in his solo, has come back to BSB land. Next to him is the ever cute, and randy, Damien Kyle. This won’t be the first time Dakota’s rod will be sucked on by man lips.
“It’s normal. It’s all right,” Dakota describes the experience.
The cameraman is surprised by that and wonders how a dude compares to his wife. The newbie, wanting to keep his house happy, gives his wife the highest grade in oral loving. When pushed, he does give men the edge when it comes to technique.
“Males know what males want,” Dakota observes.
As for Damien, he admits he’s turning into a BSB resident because he’s always spending cash. Where does his well earned salary go? Living the life in the VIP section! LOL!
When they take off their clothes, the cameraman notes both models have the same body type.
“It’s like he’s a mini-Me,” the cameraman says to Dakota.
The boys give us a little booty-shake. Damien’s cheeks look so sexy jiggling!
Dakota takes a seat and Damien opens wide. He must if you think about it. 🙂
“Oh, yeah,” Dakota moans. “Feel that dick get hard.”
The monster does get hard, and Damien has to keep his attention on the tip.
“Like that,” Damien wonders.
Dakota’s rod is slick with spit. He pushes Damien’s head down, but the lad can only fit so much in his mouth.
“Dick is fucking huge,” Damien notes when he wipes effort tears away.
He gets back to business, licking all he can. His technique must be doing something right because Dakota is ready to blow.
“Finish me off,” he whispers.
Damien wraps his hand around the meat and jerks it. A load shoots straight up, landing on Dakota’s abs. Damien keeps the hand motion and the newbie grabs the chair. Dakota strokes his meat twice and more jizz pops out.
“Oh, shit,” Damien says.
He plays with the bloated tip, making his scene partner shake.
Dakota thinks everything is over, but he has to return the favor. He’s worried about his skills as a pole lover. But he’s game for it, so he gets under Damien and takes a taste.
“It tastes kind of like skin,” Dakota says.
He licks the head, doing his best to get Damien hard. Damien heads to the bed and Dakota returns to blowing. Damien goes all the way down to the pubes, grabbing Damien’s hips.
“There you go,” Damien moans.
The newbie alternates from mouthing the meat and jerking it. All of Dakota’s work gets the desired results. He jerks the schlong and Damien shoots a load that covers his man trail.
“So you’re a good little dick sucker,” the cameraman says to Dakota.
Do you think that term applies?

Scene Title: Dakota Ford And Damien Kyle Oral