Daniel Grange Shows Off

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Daniel Grange Shows Off Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Here is a truism. The polite boys are always the sexiest. Case in point: meet Daniel. Calls the cameraman “sir.” Tries to be positive and keeps natural nerves on the down low when it comes to jerking for us horn dogs. “You have a good attitude,” the cameraman says to the brown topped lad. “I try to have a good attitude,” the newbie replies with a grin that will make many pop an instant boner. He’s here to earn cash for his truck (it needs to be fixed). Daniel’s the typical cute straight guy. Hobbies include working on his truck and looking for girls. Hard to believe he has a difficult time with the ladies considering his hotness. The 20 year old disrobes as he talks about his life. Nice body and a better dick. He doesn’t know its length. “How long do you think it is,” Daniel asks the cameraman. Daniel turns around to show a nubile ass. When told how cute his butt is he grabs both cheeks. Is this the sign of a burgeoning bottom? LOL When Daniel looks in the camera it will be difficult not to fall for those baby blue puppy eyes. He sits on the sofa and starts stroking. “Sometimes I get bored throughout the day and start masturbating for no reason,” Daniel exclaims. When asked to finger his hole, Daniel is slightly hesitant. However, he eventually pulls his meaty thighs to his chest and puts a digit in that boy cunt. “It’s tight,” Daniel observes. “I bet it is,” the cameraman notes. “How does it feel?” “Feels kind of good,” Daniel observes. “I’m surprised.” Yeah, we have a bottom boy here. Daniel looks so sexy with his legs pulled up. Daniel gets on his back, working to get hard. He grabs his balls, but makes certain a finger finds its place in his now favorite orifice. “I think I just found something new I like to do,” Daniel maintains. Daniel is now hard, with his mouth partly open as he pleasures himself. He looks at the cameraman and soon enough he shoots enough juice to coat an axle. The first spurt hits his chest. The second lands on his stomach and the rest coats his shaved pubes. Do want him back? Those who say no, please talk to your therapist. You need help. 🙂

Scene Title: Daniel Grange Shows Off