Jaxon Ryder Solo

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Jaxon Ryder Solo Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Today we are introduced to newbie Jaxon Ryder. Outside of his good looks, it will be easy to fall for this dude from his first sentence. “As you can tell we are about to have some fun,” he says to the cameraman. Jaxon is horny and, although he’s been with a guy before, he’s certain about his sexuality. “I’m pretty sure I’m straight,” he says. That will not be a problem here in BSB land. LOL! He’s single at the moment, but that plays into his philosophical outlook. “What’s the point of tying yourself to an individual, when you can have as much fun as you want.” he intones. “I believe in diversity.” Looks and a laid back attitude. Oh, Jaxon. Your fan club is getting larger by the seconds.

He takes his shirt off and shows off his tats. A bulge is already showing in his pants. Those jeans get unzipped, and he pulls them down. That tool is straining to get out of the black underwear. The undies get pulled right to his tasty looking nuts, and his uncut dick points to the camera. With no prompting, Jaxon puts a knee on the chair and shows his backside. That rosebud winks at the lens. Do you think this means he might be willing to bottom? Those ass cheeks look like they need to be separated with hard dick. He moves to the bed, still stroking his sausage. Jaxon is mighty comfortable with the camera. Throws us the occasional “fuck me” stare. When was the last time a newbie had this much confidence? And the boy just exudes power bottom when he bites his lower lip. Or is that projection? LOL! Jaxon returns to the chair, this time standing up. His jerking speed has increased a bit. And that sexy bite of the bottom lip move is happening more often.

Someone is about to pop! The moans begin and the stroking gets faster. Jaxon tugs at his cum heavy nuts and strokes his smooth stomach. With no warning, his jizz shoots out, coating his pubes and thigh. Jaxon takes his cum and places it on his shaft. The newbie even gives his cum a little taste. “Sweet,” he says. Just like his performance! Come back, Jaxon! Please!!

Scene Title: Jaxon Ryder Solo