Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: The last time we saw Dakota, he was whining about Duncan Tyler’s tool popping that booty virginity. Well, Dakota has returned to be busted by Kaden. “This is the day you’ve been fearing,” the cameraman says. “It is the day I’ve been fearing,” the soon to be bottom replies. “I’ve been avoiding this day. Actively!” Kaden reassures Dakota that he’s a professional, so there should be no worries. The cameraman plays into the stereotype of black guys swinging humongous meat between their legs. Kaden reads from the same script. “I’m an average joe of a black guy,” Kaden explains.

There is so much that needs to be said now. However, we’ll be polite and side-step talk writer Scott Poulson-Bryant (Google) would find captivating. 🙂 ‘I’m not those porn star 12 inch cock motherfuckers,” Kaden notes. “You’ve got a big dick,” the cameraman corrects. “You’re average porn.” This chitchat ins’t proving helpful to Dakota. “Stop saying that,” he yells. “I don’t want to hear it.” There’s a question about fisting, but Dakota balks at that instantly. “I’m not down with the five finger death punch!” The cameraman wonders if a blow job will calm Dakota down. The lads strip, Dakota gets on the chair, and Kaden starts making him feel more comfortable. Kaden swallows Dakota’s rod, working hard to get him excited. The studio is soon filled with nothing but the sounds of Kaden’s slurps.

Dakota puts his hands on the top of Kaden’s head and pushes him down. Kaden chokes and gags, but doesn’t stop sucking. He’s working overtime to get Dakota’s dick to full strength. If you’re going to give, you must also receive. Kaden takes a seat and let’s Dakota work on his blow job skills. That pole plumps in Dakota’s warm mouth. Kaden wants him to take it all. “Oh, shit,” Kaden moans. The time has arrived for Dakota’s perky cheeks to be separated by some stiff cock. Lots of lube is placed where it should be. Dakota gets on the couch, his ass pointed in Kaden’s direction. Kaden takes his time breaking that booty in. Poor, Dakota can just curse and beg for his top to go slow. “Damn, your ass is tight,” Kaden says.

When he’s all the way in, Dakota screams. “Bend down,” Kaden advises. “It will be easier.” When his bottom follows the instructions, Kaden fucks harder. “Arch that back,” Kaden demands. Dakota switches from extreme pain to sublime pleasure. “Yeah, take it,” he says. Kaden does, long stroking his bottom. Dakota moves to bed, his hands on the floor and that sweet bakside on the edge. “Take that shit,” Kaden orders. “Pump it,” Dakota whimpers. “It’s so big. It’s so big.”

Kaden starts to pump faster, balls deep. That hole is getting made over and the pale cheeks are getting slapped for good measure. The lads get ready for the last lap with Dakota on his back. Kaden goes a bit too deep and the poor bottom just shouts. Doesn’t ask for Kaden to stop though. Kaden gives Dakota’s leg a kiss for taking it all. “Oh, god. Give it to me,” Dakota whispers. “You’re going to make me cum.” The big dicked stud is now begging to to be fucked and when his shoots his load, it lands on his chest and stomach. Kaden pulls out and jerks his jizz making Dakota into a cute cum rag. “I look like a glaze donut,” Dakota observes. A tasty one, Dakota. A tasty one. LOL!

Scene Title: Kaden Alexander Fucks Dakota Ford Raw