Paul Canon Sucks Vadim Black

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Paul Canon Sucks Vadim Black Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Vadim Black has returned to our studios. That high-pitched squeal you heard are all of the newbie’s fans yelling in delight. Next to him is Paul Canon, who has a fan base equally rabid. The cameraman wonders about the origin of the newbie’s name. Vadim was born in Russia, and has to answer a few questions about his background. “Did you grow up hating us? The United States,” the cameraman asks.”No. They didn’t teach that in history class in Russia, so I didn’t know much about the United States,” the newbie answers, with the sexiest smile on earth. The cameraman isn’t certain of Vadim’s Russian background. Why? Because the lad doesn’t fit the picture of Russians the cameraman has painted in his head.”Most Russian people are kind of robotic and non-emotional,” the cameraman opines.

In his solo, Vadim expressed an interest in trying things with a guy. Paul is the best guy to do dude stuff with! LOL! Now Vadim is intrigued about Paul going down on him, but isn’t keen on doing the same.”If you’re going to suck it, suck it,” Paul jokes. “So you’re not curious about sucking a dick,” the cameraman asks Vadim. “Not yet,” the newbie responds. “I haven’t thought about that yet.” At the moment, the boy is more intrigued about how a guy’s mouth feels. The two strip and show off their backsides. “He has an American butt,” Vadim notes about Paul’s booty. Paul is tired of all the talking. “Why don’t we just get started,” he says. With that, he leans in and gives Vadim a romantic smooch. The newbie returns the kisses. Paul nibbles on the boy’s neck, then kisses his way down to the meat. After a few sucks, Vadim is convinced of what a man can do. “Feels good,” he whispers.

Paul sucks all the way down to the base, sucking sounds filling the studio. Vadim gets pushed to the bed and Paul continues slurping that meat stick. Vadim contracts his hairy legs and strokes Paul’s shoulders. “Oh, suck that,” Vadim moans. Paul picks up the blowing pace, his throat filled full of spit and pre-cum. His tongue goes up and down the shaft and pink head. Poor Vadim. He’s so ready to pop a load. Paul jerks the newbie’s meat and slurps the sweet tasting jizz. “Oh, my god,” Vadim groans. “You’re so fucking good.” Someone is in love! LOL! After swallowing the boy’s man milk, Paul jerks his own sausage.

Vadim caresses his chest, and when he grabs Paul’s nuts he shoots all over himself. Paul brings him down for a kiss, and Vadim opens wide for some tongue loving. So, if Vadim returns, what do you want to see him do next?

Scene Title: Paul Canon Sucks Vadim Black