Spencer Todd With Sonny And Damien Kyle

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Spencer Todd With Sonny And Damien Kyle Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB’s pass around bottom? While he might not like the job, or title, the cute stud is at his best when his tight hole gets constantly used. LOL!
In today’s vignette he’s the meat in a Spencer and Sonny sandwich. He and the Red Rocket kiss for a bit before the lads strip. When everyone is naked, Spencer turns all bossy.
“Get on your knees,” he commands. “Suck my dick.”
Damien does what he’s told. Even if he didn’t want to, he has no choice because Sonny is holding his head.
The bottom turns his attention to Sonny’s rod.
“You like that,” Spencer wonders.
Hard for Damien to answer with his throat filled. LOL!
Damien returns to taking care of Spencer.
“Fucking dick is huge,” Damien notes when he comes up for air.
That’s OK, Damien. We know you like things to be big.
When he gets back to Sonny’s rod, Damien looks up to see if he’s doing it right. Sonny is more than pleased with the licks on his meat. Spencer wants more of that sweet mouth, and brings Damien back to him. Our poor bottom boy is going to have some tired face muscles when it’s all done. 🙂 Spencer puts on a condom.
“Get on my dick,” he orders as he gets on the bed.
Damien slowly sits down. Sonny stands over him, making sure the more pliable opening stays occupied.
Damien can only grunt and moan as he gets it on both ends.
“Suck that dick,” Sonny says.
Damien is all about making sure these studs get what they want.
“Get on the floor,” Sonny demands.
He guides Damien to the new location. Sonny sits in the chair, Damien gets on his hands and knees, and Spencer saddles up to the man hole. He grabs Damien’s ankle as he pounds that booty. Damien would cry out, but his mouth is busy.
“Look up,” Sonny orders.
“Fuck that ass,” Damien says to Spencer.
Don’t you love a bottom who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it? 🙂
“I want you to fuck me,” Damien says to Sonny.
As the newbie dons a condom, Spencer puts kisses on Damien’s mouth. A good top always gives a bottom some romance. Just ask Old Blue Eyes (Google the phrase, you youngsters!). Damien is put on his back. Sonny gets that sausage where it should be. Spencer takes a seat so the pass around bottom can suck some.
“Suck his dick,” Sonny says.
He’s pounding that Damien booty good. Spencer spits in the bottom’s mouth and then lets him suck on a finger.
“Fuck me,” Damien moans.
All the fucking gets to Damien and he shoots jizz that hits the bottom of his neck. Sonny pulls out and stands over his prize. As for Spencer, he holds Damien’s mouth open. When Sonny shoots, his cum lands in the open wide mouth.
As for Spencer, he makes sure to deposit his seed all over Damien’s face.
“That was horrible,” Damien announces when everyone has calmed down.
“You liked it,” Spencer notes.
Hard to disagree, no? LOL!

Scene Title: Spencer Todd With Sonny And Damien Kyle