Vadim Black Solo

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Vadim Black Solo Presented By Broke Straight Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Don’t want to make any bold predictions, but Vadim Black’s fan base will be rabid! LOL! From top to bottom, the newbie exudes sexiness. Even when he’s nervous! The stud looks like he’s about to run out the studio. Good we are starting him out with a solo.
He describes himself as a show off, but the 18-year-old doesn’t want a girlfriend. He’s a fan of brunettes with “nice bubble butts.”
Hopefully people are sitting down when he shows off his booty. No wonder Vadim likes him some bubble boot-ays. He has one! His hands knead those bountiful cheeks, leaving prints on his pale skin. If god does exist, this lad will bottom one day. LOL!
Playing with his backside gets him hard. Hell, it got most of us hard! Vadim strokes his meat through his dark grey underwear. He gets rid of the fabric to reveal an uncut dick. After some stroking, he gets on the bed. Vadim plays with his chest and nipples, which by the way need to be nibbled. Constantly.
Vadim needs two hands to jerk his pole. He takes care of the entire shaft. Even plays with his nuts for a bit.
“Oh, yeah,” he moans.
The stud picks up the jerking speed, staying focused on that tapered head. His initial nerves are gone. Now he just needs to pop. Which he eventually does.
“I’m going to cum,” he whispers.
Man juice leaks out, covering his shaft and hand. He keeps stroking himself, using the jizz as lube.
The cameraman wonders if Vadim has ever tasted his cum. He has and scoops up some on two of his fingers.
“Mmmmmmm. Good,” Vadim says after a taste. “Pretty sweet.”
He even shows us his soft tongue as he eats more. All that cum tasting makes the lad confess he’s really interested in making it with a guy. Which hopefully means this dude comes back!

Scene Title: Vadim Black Solo