Meeting Jasper – Frankie V. – Jasper Robinson – Levi Karter

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Meeting Jasper Starring Frankie V., Jasper Robinson & Levi Karter Presented By Cocky Boys Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Levi Karter and Jasper Robinson start by hanging out in their hotel room, chatting, flirting, naked. After hanging out for a bit, they head over to the adult video booth to stroke off and suck each others’ cocks, and Jasper shoots a huge load all over himself (that’s one cum– we’re keeping count). Levi and Jasper decide to go home and take a shower to clean up. It was obvious that they were really into each other because neither one of them could hide their monster dicks, which were both rock hard the whole time. After the shower, Levi and Jasper went into the bedroom where they film themselves taking turns sucking each others’ huge cocks. It didn’t take long before they both shot their massive loads– right into the camera (three cums!)! But the fun wasn’t over yet! The boys went out again the next night and Jasper got to meet our very own Frankie V. They flirted for a bit and it didn’t take a scientist to know that fucking was inevitable. Back in the hotel room, Jasper and Frankie couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Some sucking, some fucking, and BAM!! Massive loads of cum covered their bodies (SIX CUMS!). These boys really know how to have a good time!

Scene Title: Meeting Jasper – Frankie V. – Jasper Robinson – Levi Karter