Sonny Stewart Jacks Off!

By: LoadedCocks.Net

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Sonny Stewart does a lot of freaky stuff, which is why we like him so much. He loves to fuck in groups for one thing, and told us a little story about getting plowed by two guys in a hotel room shower. And they were straight guys, nonetheless, which made Sonny flash a big smile for us. With two naked straight guys around him, he said he had “no choice” but to whip his cock out in the moment and get down to business.

Of course we had to let Sonny re-enact the hot shower scene for us, and he had no problem getting naked for us. We loved his tattoos, which looked really fucking hot every time he flexed his muscles for us and the water dripped down his tight chest and abs. The tightest of his muscles were his round butt cheeks, though, which he masterfully slipped his hand between before finger fucking himself.

Even though his name is Sonny, don’t think this CockyBoy isn’t fond of showers… especially the kind that squirt out from his cock.

Scene Title: Sonny Stewart Jacks Off!