Aaron Spitz Busts A Nut

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Aaron Spitz Busts A Nut Presented By College Dudes Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Aaron Spitz is a college senior who seems to be very curious about showing off. He is athletic and plays a lot of sports, but in addition he studies and works hard. We were lucky enough for him to grab some time to strip down and jerk off for us! Aaron has a lean body and rugged good looks. He talks a bit about his life and interests, and you can tell that he is nervous about what he is about to do. The clothes come off and we get to see all of Aaron, and he looks great. He sits down and begins to play with his dick. After not too long his dick is bulging and throbiing in his hand, and he grabs some more lube to get it nice and slippery. His eyes are closed quite a bit, as he conjures up some sexy fantasy that keeps him going. Before long he is lying down flat on his back. Aarons beautiful legs are really accentuated when he is lying down – they really tense up and shake a bit as he moves his hand up and down his cock. After a few more minutes the pace gets very fast, and you can tell he is about to bust his load. Aaron squirts out some creamy cum and smiles. He is quite pleased with himself!

Scene Title: Aaron Spitz Busts A Nut