Adam Crew Busts A Nut

By: LoadedCocks.Net

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Scene Description: Adam Crew is a senior who is looking forward to graduation. The only thing he is going to miss are all the raging weekend parties. Adam loves the nightlife, especially the house parties with kegs and a lot of misbehavior! He gets around, but Adam also has a really romantic side. After telling us a bit about himself and his interests, Adam undresses. He has a little sun from hanging out at the beach, and he is a bit shy being in front of the camera for the first time. Adam slowly works up his cock and closes his eyes. As his dick grows bigger in his hand, he begins to breathe a little heavier. He is obviously getting into it, and he strokes it like it has been a while. Adam gets up onto his knees, continuing to work his dick, especially the head. Lying down on his side, Adam works toward the final finish. His breathing gets heavier and he gets more fierce in his strokes – working up a sweat! Adam busts and shakes all over as he orgasms. He must have been thinking of that fun time he had the last Friday!

Scene Title: Adam Crew Busts A Nut