Bryan Cavallo Nails James Lee

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Scene Description: James Lee like getting fucked with a fat cock, and he absolutely loves Bryan Cavallo. Bryan and James begin with some heavy petting that moves quickly into getting down to the good stuff. James has a big dick himself, which Bryan enjoys as he sucks on it and licks around it. James likes the head from Bryan, and his facial expressions show just how much. James is eager to get his mouth stuffed as well, and he moves down to take on his partners tool. James makes love to Bryans cock with his mouth, trying to deepthroat it, and overall trying to get Bryan even more excited for what is coming next. After a few more minutes of some great head, James gets on his back with his legs in the air, eagerly awaiting for Bryan to slide his sausage in James tight asshole. Bryan does exactly that, and James soon is getting slowly fucked. Once James is used to the sensation of his big rod, Bryan begins a faster pace, thrusting deeper and deeper into that tight 18 year old hole. James enjoys it quite a bit, and soon he is wanting Bryan to tag him from behind. Bryan spoons James and continues with some ferocious aggressive fucking. Not content to let Bryan do all the work, however, James is soon riding Bryan as Bryan lies on his back. James pumps up and down with fervor, until he shoots a load of jizz all over Bryan. Bryan fucking loves it, too, and he busts his own load. Hot Fuck!

Scene Title: Bryan Cavallo Nails James Lee