Gage Anderson Busts A Nut

By: LoadedCocks.Net

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Scene Description: Gage Anderson is an 18 year old hottie from the Mid-Atlantic, with multiple interests and a rocking tight lean bod. Gage is somewhat quite at first, very polite, and always interested in looking his best. Thankfully, as he undresses he keeps looking even better! From a nice six-pack, to strong legs and a rock hard cock, Gage is perfect from head to toe! Gage works it up sitting down, and it does not take him long. As he plays with his dick, Gage closes his eyes and begins audibly enjoying himself. Gage plays with his low hanging balls, too, and caresses around his sexy nipples. Eager to show off the whole thing, Gage hops on the bed and face down, he reveals a bubble butt that is out of this world! Gage plays around with his hole a little while he continues to stroke it, spreading his cheeks now and then to give us a taste of just how tight he must be. As he liesurely rolls over, he pounds his dick in his hands and works up for the finale. Gage writhes around on the bed some, and then his legs become tight and shaky, letting us know that he is almost ready to blow! A warm creamy load spurts out from the head of his dick all over himself. Hot guy!

Scene Title: Gage Anderson Busts A Nut