Landon Conway, Trent Ferris And Chris Hewitt

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Landon Conway, Trent Ferris And Chris Hewitt Presented By College Dudes Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Chris Hewitt is the lucky bottom in this three-way with Landon Conway and newbie favorite Trent Ferris. Trent gets all the attention at first, with both Chris and Landon highlighting their cock-sucking skills. Trent sits back and enjoys it until he decides to get in on the action himself, going down on Landon and making sure that everyone is ready for the fuckfest about to come. Chris, ever the eager bottom, gets on his hands and knees, ass up in the air, waiting for Trent to shove his big dick inside. As Trent slides in bareback, Chris grabs Landons dick and begins sucking, enjoying the feeling of one dick in the ass and one in the mouth. After a few minutes, Trent wants Chris to ride his pole, and Chris hops on. Sliding up and down on Trents big fat pole makes Chris light-headed – in a good way! Soon Chris is on his back as Trent fucks him some more and Landon alternated between getting some dome and jerking off. Landon dumps a load on Chris, which in turn makes him cum as he is getting fucked. Trent dumps his load also, and all three of these college studs are satisfied for the night. Hot 3-way!

Scene Title: Landon Conway, Trent Ferris And Chris Hewitt