Trent Ferris Busts A Nut

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Scene Description: Trent Ferris, at only 18 years old, already has sexy down. From his beautiful eyes to his big young cock, Trent is definitely fun to look at. Trent spends a lot of time on the beach, as evidenced by his tan and also his easy-going manner. We would love to know which beaches he goes to! Trent strips down to show his sexy 18 year old body – nice butt and nice cock with some pubes. Trent is definitely nervous but willing to give it a shot. He works up his dick quickly, and as soon as he is hard he is pretty aggressive in his stroking. Trent gets up on his knees and continues to stroke his cock with vigor. He rubs his smooth chest and begins breathing heavier, very aware that his show will be watched by a lot of admiring fans. Wanting to put on an even better show, he gets on his stomach, shoves his cock between his legs, and arches his butt up slightly. He continues to stroke his cock, but he also gives his ass a few slow spreads, letting us get to see his tight virgin butthole. Getting excited, Trent rolls over and works himself up to orgasm. Hot JO!

Scene Title: Trent Ferris Busts A Nut