A Different Kind Of Desk Job – Vince Carrera

By: LoadedCocks.Net

A Different Kind Of Desk Job Starring Vince Carrera Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Vince Carrera is best buds with Justin Filion. They are both male strippers and when Justin left after doing his solo, he was on such a high that Vince just couldn’t resist the temptation to try to upstage his bro. We had tried to get Vince in for a solo for quite a while, but peer pressure seems to be the thing that won him over. We love it! Vince is not shy, in fact he’s quite the exhibitionist, as are most strippers. This guy is of Italian descent from his mother’s side. He’s a 21 y.o. straight boy who weighs 165 lbs., and he hangs out with Justin all the time. Gym, work, partying… no, not sex… yet. They are real bros.

For his solo we brought him in and had him show off. While watching porn on the computer, he gave our camera a lot of attitude. We set him up at the desk to watch his porn and stroke his nice 8′ uncut cock. This dude has got so much foreskin that even while hard his cockhead doesn’t pop out. From his balls to his shaft there is a lot of skin also (thankfully!) to give him full motion jerking action.

Vince didn’t spend much time watching the computer screen, he seemed far more intent on showing off for us to get off. He used as much furniture as possible as props… the desk top, the chair, the floor, the desk top again… Vince loves to slap his cock against his hand when he’s jacking off. He’s not a hairy guy by any means, with the exception of his butt hole. He wasn’t keen on fingering it, but he did give us quite the look and rubbed his hand against it generously.

Vince didn’t need any encouragement to shoot his load. After moving back and forth from one piece of furniture to the other, he unloaded his thick baby batter on the desk top. He had a look of contentment on his face, and wanted to know if he had done better than Justin…. We weren’t going to bite.

Obviously when all was said and done we explored the possibilities of him doing some nasty stuff with his bro Justin. Having sex doesn’t appear to be in the cards, but jacking off next to him seems doable. So our next installment in this story will be the two of them j/o side by side… Hopefully then we can get a bit more out of these two… Stay tuned.

Scene Title: A Different Kind Of Desk Job – Vince Carrera