Anniversary Special – Auditioning At Campus Bar! – Mark Lebeau – Félix Brazeau

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Anniversary Special – Auditioning At Campus Bar! Starring Mark Lebeau & Félix Brazeau Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Men of Montréal (MoM) is celebrating 6 months of existence! So we decided to do a Special scene featuring our host Marko Lebeau and newcomer Félix Brazeau. The scene was shot at the famed Campus male stripper club – the longest serving male strip club in the city. Both our models started their careers in the adult market by dancing at the Club, and the bar has been very accommodating in allowing us to recruit and allowing their men to take the porno plunge with us.So, to set the stage, the guys decided to create a fantasy encounter… Indeed, when a guy first walks into a stripper club to audition, many things go through his mind about what an audition could entail. Auditions don’t include sex, but that doesn’t stop future dancers from thinking or fantasizing that it might happen.The first to arrive for his audition is our lifeguard, Félix Brazeau. Chris the bartender is there to greet him and have him wait for the owner to audition. After a while, Marko Lebeau also arrives for his audition. By then the owner is running late. He calls in and tells Chris to do the auditions in his place as he is caught in traffic…So, first guy on stage is Felix. He struts his stuff and strips down completely nude. Marko isn’t impressed with Felix’s performance and says so. Chris tells him that if he thinks he can do better, then it’s his turn to show us what he is made of. Marko gets going and soon shoves his boned up cock in Félix’s face while still wearing his briefs. Things start heating up and the guys go all out. Felix blows Marko’s cock and then they get down on their knees so our hairy host can suck on his newfound partner’s large curved cock. He then moves Felix into a doggy style position for a good rimming and then fucking. Felix has developed quite the liking to taking dick up his ass, but this time he too wanted a piece of ass. He was anxious about getting his rod up Marko’s butt crack. They then move back onto the stage from the bar area and Felix got down on his knees to prep Marko’s ass for a good fucking. This flip-flop culminated with Marko and Félix moving to a more comfortable position on the bench at edge of the stage. There he started pummelling Felix’s ass until he dropped his load on his partner’s dick and hand. Felix used his cum-splattered hand to jerk off and shoot his own load.Once back at the bar counter, it was no surprise to anyone that Chris gave the guys the green light.

Scene Title: Anniversary Special – Auditioning At Campus Bar! – Mark Lebeau – Félix Brazeau