Breaking In The New Guy – Alexy Tyler – Pascal Aubry

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Breaking In The New Guy Starring Alexy Tyler & Pascal Aubry Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: After his solo performance a couple of weeks back, Pascal Aubry told Marko Lebeau that he was eager and ready to come back for more. Although Marko had suggested he would be Pascal’s first fuck, it turns out that Alexy Tyler was the one doing the honors. Thankfully, Alexy understands enough French for the guys to communicate because Pascal’s command of English is quite limited. Not surprising the dialogue between the guys was more centered around their facial expressions and their cocks’ stiffness than on spoken words.

Pascal was nervous for this shoot as it was his man-on-man sex baptism. As a male stripper he may strut his stuff in the faces of many men, but he candidly admitted not having done more than performing on stage. During his solo, he told us he was bi-curious, but judging by the looks of things in this scene, we can definitely move him from the bi-curious to the bi category. Pascal really appeared to enjoy himself. This was the first time he was going to suck cock and fuck a guy. His technique obviously showed his limited experience in sucking dick and at first he was somewhat hesitant. But, once it came time to get sucked and to fuck, his cock just wouldn’t deflate.

For his part, Alexy Tyler enjoys breaking in the newbies, and in this case he was really turned on by Pascal’s efforts and responsiveness to his servicing. Pascal’s cock has a wide girth and Alexy was looking forward to taking it up the ass.

First, the guys started making out and then they gave each other some generous cock worshiping. We shot some pretty cool angles showing them in full action. Before getting the two on the bed for some serious ass fucking they paused and showed off their hot butts. Alexy was showing us the huge bubble butt that has helped him make a name for himself and Pascal showed us those luscious hairy mounds that make his ass so delectable. We were hoping for some nice ass licking, but alas, Alexy is no great fan of rimming and Pascal wasn’t quite ready to go down that road yet. We’ll work on that for his upcoming performances.

After this display of butt cheeks, Alexy moved onto the bed, in position for a good doggy style pounding. Then, Pascal moved into a lying position on the bed so Alexy could ride his cock like a cowboy. They then went into a spooning position and Alexy was squinting every time Pascal shoved his dick deep inside.

Alexy was the first one to cum, shooting as he was getting fucked. After bringing his partner to orgasm, Alexy needed a brief break from the intense fucking. Moments later, Pascal resumed his ass pounding and built himself into a frenzy, ready to shoot his load in no time. He pulled out and moved towards Alexy’s face to drop his white jizz into Alexy’s waiting mouth.

After everything was said and done, Alexy was glowing from the fucking he got and Pascal ready was for more. So, obviously, we’ll see if we can get the newbie to eat some ass and, hopefully, get him to take cock also… So, stay tuned.

Scene Title: Breaking In The New Guy – Alexy Tyler – Pascal Aubry