Cum Dinner For Two – Gabriel Clark – Alec Leduc

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Cum Dinner For Two Starring Gabriel Clark & Alec Leduc Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: This was a pairing of cum gushers. Gabriel Clark and Alec Leduc love sex and always have their balls full of jizz. This time was no exception. For this scene, we returned to the place of the original sin for Alec, as this is the spot were he shot his solo last year. While lying in the summer sun, Alec recalled that when he was shooting his solo on the deck last year, a straight couple had appeared on the neighbouring deck as he was jacking off for the cameras. Amused by the whole thing, they didn’t seem too bothered by the event unfolding in front of them, and after some idle chit chat, they went back in to their apartment without a word.

This little story inspired Gabriel, who suggested he and Alec put on a new show. This time a bit more daring with the two of them making out. Alas, the neighbours didn’t come out this time around.

Sitting in their sexy swim trunks, Gabriel was the first to get up and moved over towards Alec and pried open his fly and went down on Alec’s already hard dick. After some mutual sucking on the deck chair, the guys move to the table where Alec lays down and gets one hot rimming from his buddy. Then Gabriel moves his cock into position and it’s time for Alec to take his largest dick yet. Gabriel is gentle at first but eventually increased his tempo. As things get more intense, the August heat gets the better of our perspiring duo; so Gabriel hints at going inside to continue their fun.

Once in the house, Gabriel sits up on the bar counter in the kitchen and Alec squats down, on his knees and goes to work on Gabe’s cock, ass and ball. Alec even starts poking his thumb up his partner’s chute. Pausing from all this attention, Gabriel gets up so his bottom boy can tongue his nipples and chest. Alec then goes for Gabe’s arm pits. He’s definitely enjoying the tongue job. But, it’s time to move to the dining room table where Alec takes Gabriel’s cock for a second time. This time, Gabe intensifies his fucking having a steadier table to work with. Alec is all in for it, taking Gabe deep inside his hole. Alec is always a bit reserved on set, but this is definitely some fine dining! Alec then moves and kneels on a chair so Gabe can continue his fucking. Dessert is surely upon us as the guys get ready to deliver huge amounts of sweet white jizz. First Gabriel firing his hefty load all over Alec’s ass and butt hole, then lapping it up with zeal. Alec then turns around, they kissed and Gabriel gets on his knees and sucks Alec’s boner getting him close to cumming. Alec starts jacking his cock and after a few dribbles, he shoots three huge jets into the air, some falling way back on his arm. Gabriel then just laps up the oozing jizz from his buddy’s cock sucking it in and then kissing and swapping the white seed with him.As they finish Gabriel asks Alec what he thought of this second time in the loft. Alec smiled with the shy look of a kid in a candy store.

Scene Title: Cum Dinner For Two – Gabriel Clark – Alec Leduc