David Does Goliath – Gabriel Clark – Christian Power

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David Does Goliath Starring Gabriel Clark & Christian Power Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Gabriel Clark arrived for his shoot with Christian Power admitting that this was the biggest guy ever that he had performed with. He was a bit intimidated by fucking a mountain of muscle that weighs 100 lbs more than he does. For his part, Christian knew that Gabriel was well equipped and a forceful top. He hadn’t bottomed in a while so he was clearly jittery. But, both were in good spirits and you can see during their opening conversation that sex was the main focus of their attention. Gabriel was describing in detail how he wanted to eat out Christian’s ass and Christian was telling Gabriel the positions he wanted to try out. Coincidentally, he wanted to try pile driving, Gabriel’s favorite position… This was promising. Then, Gabriel wanted to get into some muscle worship and so he sat behind Christian on the back of the couch and worked away on his upper chest and biceps… He even pounced on his bottom’s pecs, but nothing moved it was so hard!

From idle chit-chat the guys then started kissing, but with all the sex talk they had, it wasn’t long before Gabriel pushed Christian onto his back and dove for his cock. Pretty quickly they stripped off their clothes, Gabriel then stood on the couch while Christian sat down and in went Gabriel’s cock to Christian’s mouth.

Both guys have similar sized dicks. And both were sporting some pretty stiff boners. Gabriel was fixated on eating out Christian’s ass before shoving his cock into it, so they got up and kissed for a bit before Gabriel asserted his top man position and pushed Christian onto his knees on the couch. Christian remarked that Gabriel ‘wanted to play rough’… And, in dove Gabriel with his tongue. When it came time for shove his stiff cock up Christian’s ass, it was obvious that our bodybuilder was finding this painful. He actually said ‘Oh Fuck’ when his ass lips were pierced by our top’s 8.5 incher. It took a while for Christian to feel more comfortable and, actually, every time Gabriel and he changed fucking positions it seemed that he was wincing and squirming. He admitted afterwards that he needed to give his ass more attention in the future.

You’ll notice during the shoot that some background noise made its way into the shoot. There were kids in the hotel corridor that were playing not far from the room. It distracted the guys, and at one point Christian got up, went to the room’s door entrance, opened it, poked outside the door in the buff with a boner and hollered ‘Hey! Pipe it down!’ Then… Dead silence in the room and from the kids ensued. He shut the door and we all suddenly laughed and got back to the action. The kids were only momentarily destabilized by this mountain of muscle in the nude hollering at them, as they got back to their horseplay about two minutes later…

Gabriel was kinda enjoying finding himself in the position of topping such a massive piece of man. And, it isn’t always easy finding positions where we get a good shot of Christian getting fucked. His ass cheeks are so big!! But Gabriel’s dick size more than made up. So, for the finale, we got a clear view as the guys got into a spooning position. Gabriel was pumping and he soon shot all over Christian’s butt cheek. He then moved into position lying down to get what he loves best… cum! Gabriel was on his back, Christian hovering above. Gabe started sucking the big guy as he got ready to unload into Gabe’s waiting mouth. Gabriel lapped it up, got up and kissed Christian. As they wrapped things up, Gabriel suggested they do a repeat at some point. To which Christian stated that he would be the one in the driver’s seat. Gabriel’s ‘Yeah right’ answer didn’t seem to indicate that such a thing would happen… We’ll eventually find out.

Scene Title: David Does Goliath – Gabriel Clark – Christian Power