Félix’s First Fuck – Lorenzo Star – Félix Brazeau

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Félix’s First Fuck Starring Lorenzo Star & Félix Brazeau Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: These guys were an interesting match. While Félix Brazeau is a hot dude with a light hearted comic streak and a hefty 8” long uncut cock, Lorenzo Star is a passionate and intense stud whose cock size, particularly his tool’s girth, can intimidate the most masterful and horny of studs. To Lorenzo’s experience, Felix offers us, in contrast, a peak at the newbie who is committed to learning the ropes. All at once, he is going full throttle exploring his newfound sexual curiosity with guys and taking the plunge into gay porn. So, it is no surprise that beneath that casual self-assured smiling guy simmers a nervous yet proud guy aiming to please and perform, which will definitely help propel him forward in the months to come.After the opening recap about himself with Marko Lebeau, Félix sets the stage.He moves forward and focuses his attention onto Lorenzo, who is waiting for him in the shower. The guys meet and lock lips together and get into some pretty heavy petting and passionate kissing. After this warm-up, Félix shows his true porn dedication and takes to Lorenzo’s ass, giving him a rimming worthy of an award. This may just be an impression so early on, but Félix looks destined to become an expert ass-eater. To Lorenzo’s squeals, Félix just poured it on more intensely. The rimming soon gave way to a good fucking. After some good and loud banging of Lorenzo in the shower, Félix takes things firmly in control and leads him into the bedroom so they can make out more freely.Once there, they get down for a sloppy good sixty-nine session and then move into position on the edge of the bed so Felix can fuck his partner silly. The intense fucking leads Lorenzo to eject a hefty and long distance cum shot that flies across his chest. As this sometimes happens with newcomers, the pressure to perform seemed to get the better of Félix who just couldn’t seem to take himself over the top. When this happens, our job at Men of Montréal is to help our newcomers overcome their anxiousness and get them back into doing what they do best… getting off having good sex and forgetting about the cameras, crew and all the rest. Félix, we are proud to say, as his next scenes will show, has found his footing and is definitely on the right path.

Scene Title: Félix’s First Fuck – Lorenzo Star – Félix Brazeau