Initiating Nicolas! – Marko Lebeau – Nicolas Potvin

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Initiating Nicolas! Starring Marko Lebeau & Nicolas Potvin Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: So Nicolas, the straight long distance trucker, is back for round 2 in his exploration of porn and gay sex. And, shooting with Marko Lebeau was the perfect fit for his first sex scene with a guy. Nicolas has gotten to know Marko and our host has a knack to make guys comfortable. Nicolas had been working all day before this shoot, traveling from Southern Ontario to Montreal, and he was pretty horned up. Even though Nicolas has an outgoing and cheerful personality, this is all new to him and he is definitely nervous about intimacy with guys… as you will notice when it comes time to kissing his partner.From the get go, Nicolas popped a pretty stiff boner… must have been because of all that driving earlier in the day. To help Nicolas along and get him comfortable, Marko spent a lot of time blowing Nicolas. First on the couch, then on the bed, Nicolas’ cock was definitely enjoying all the attention it was getting from our blond cub.When Marko made a move up to kiss his partner, Nicolas was definitely surprised and not entirely at ease. So, Marko didn’t insist, he just carried on and got himself ready to take Nicolas’ dick up the ass. Indeed, after the shoot, Nicolas told us that kissing a guy was all new to him, but he will be getting more and more comfortable with things… That’s what we want; a guy willing to explore!So Marko serves up his ass for Nicolas’ nice 7” uncut dick, first doggy style, then in a reverse cowboy position. Nicolas has not had a lot of experience with ass fucking, so he found Marko’s tight ass definitely more of a squeeze than the usual holes he fucks. But all was good as our guys primed up to shoot their loads. Marko’s abs were the perfect spot for Nicolas to first shoot his wad, followed shortly after by Marko himself. The guys laid back to relax after the shoot and both dozed off briefly as we were wrapping things up.

Scene Title: Initiating Nicolas! – Marko Lebeau – Nicolas Potvin