Marko’s Challenge – Alec Leduc – Marko Lebeau

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Marko’s Challenge Starring Alec Leduc & Marko Lebeau Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: This scene was requested by subscribers of Men of Montréal, and during the interview, Marko quizzed Alec on how his porn actor career is going. Alec is becoming pretty comfortable and tells Marko that of his previous scenes, the one with Hayden Colby is his fave. Hayden is experienced and very engaging, and Alec really got off on that. So, Marko stated that he had a tough act to follow. Which Alec confirmed amusingly.They get right into it and after some kissing and fondling foreplay, they start stripping and Alec dives down for Marko’s nipples. It isn’t long before they get naked and Marko starts going back and forth between Alec’s cock and mouth. Then Alec returns the favour and starts going down on Marko’s dick, deep throating and gagging frequently on our hairy blond host. Alec’s BJ technique has vastly improved and Marko is really turned on by the attention he is getting.The guys then move into some 69 action where Marko delivers his own deep throating of Alec. He preps Marko’s ass for fucking with a talented rim job. With his dick being hard all along, Alec then takes Marko’s ass for a joy ride from behind, putting our bottom boy in heaven. They shift positions so Marko can ride Alec’s cock for a while before moving into a missionary position to reach climax. You get to see Alec’s massive thighs and huge bubble butt moving sensuously in and out of Marko’s hole before he pulls out to shoot his load on Marko’s balls. Marko then gets into his zone to bone up and shoot his own load on his chest, shooting as far as his nipples.After the scene the guys chuckled about the fact they know each other outside of porn, and that shooting together was initially a bit weird. But they did it for the fans and to their own surprise had a great time hooking up. The fact that both were horned up from several days without sex definitely helped them overcome their initial friendship-based hesitation.

Scene Title: Marko’s Challenge – Alec Leduc – Marko Lebeau