Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall… – Kevin Prince

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall… Starring Kevin Prince Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: You’ve gotta wonder about the straight guys who jerk off in a shoot by watching themselves in the mirror. Well, this is exactly what Kevin Prince does, not once but twice in this solo performance. Is he as straight as he says he is? This steely blue-eyed stud measures a nice 5’10’ and weighs in at 190 lbs. He’s got an ‘I like to Fuck’ attitude that his tats, earrings and mohawkish hair cut only emphasizes.

This studly and very masculine firefighter hails from Quebec City, a 2.5 hour drive downstream from Montreal. While this was his first solo ever, Kevin admitted to doing straight porn in the past. Asked why he wanted to shoot for a gay site, it seems that his straight scenes have attracted a gay audience and, with us, he wanted to give back… We were more than happy to provide him with this opportunity to show his generosity!

Kevin is, as he says, an exhibitionist, and with the 7.5 – 8 inch uncut slab of meat that he throws around without effort, no wonder he likes to show off. He has a bit of a bad boy streak in him and when we asked what was the meaning of his abdominal tattoo ‘Don’t Give Up: The Best Is Yet To Come’, he just looked down at his cock and looked back up at us and smiled. We got the point!

After his interview with Marko, Kevin started stripping as he laid back on the couch. But he quickly wanted to settle in on the white leather chair by the mirror. Applying generous amounts of spit to lube his cock head, Kevin jacked off while watching himself in all his glory. His balls where hanging low as you can hear them slap up and down on the white leather as he was beating his tool.

Men of Montréal has had a couple of firefighters on our site in the past year, and these guys know how to light a blaze just as much as how to extinguish one. Kevin was true to form.

However, like many straight dudes, he wasn’t too keen about playing with his butthole, but he did offer us a brief slapping and a wink. He was far more eager though to get in front of the second mirror and again watch himself stoke that foreskin back and forth over his cockhead, this time building up for his cum busting show. He didn’t disappoint. He dropped a huge loaded of jizz on the hallway table…. First a dribble, then the gusher. He was happy; we were happy.

Kevin was pleased with his performance, but shooting for a gay site is a probably a once in a lifetime experience for him. So enjoy this studly dude spreading his seed in this one and only foray into the gay abyss.

Scene Title: Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall… – Kevin Prince