One Step At A Time – Pascal Aubry

By: LoadedCocks.Net

One Step At A Time Starring Pascal Aubry Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Pascal Aubry is another male stripper in Montreal who has decided to take the porno plunge with us. He is also another one of several recent guys on the site hailing from Québec City. A few weeks ago, he applied online on our site, after a friend suggested he do so, as he was looking for a new challenge.

Pascal told Marko Lebeau in his introductory interview that he was a bit nervous about doing this scene, but as you will see, he got very comfortable quite quickly, becoming rather playful during the photo shoot.

Pascal defines himself as bi-curious and wants to do porn to explore his sexuality further. At 20 years of age, he measures 5’8′ and weighs 165 lbs. He says his dick is 6′ uncut, but like most straight or bi guys he has never measured it precisely. He sports a pretty wide cock and probably measures in at 6.5 or 7′ when at full mast. He commutes back and forth from his home town to Montreal for work. He has a hot hairy ass and a lot of fur on those strong legs of his. Contrary to many guys we recruit, he pleasantly leaves his pubes and body hair unshaved.

He has a killer smile that, combined with his charming personality, just leaves your legs trembling when he engages you in conversation. A quality that is probably quite helpful to him in his work as a male performer.

After his interview with Marko, Pascal moves to the bedroom, where he settles into the leather armchair and gets going massaging his body and stroking his quickly stiffening dick. After some rapid fire j/o action, he switches tempo, moving into long smooth stokes that get him revved and into his dick work. To spice things up a bit, we suggested that Pascal use a Fleshjack™ to work his cock. Never having used one, he was pleasantly surprised by its effects on his stiff boner.

Pascal then moved to the bed and continued working on his cock. After a few minutes, he began playing with his nice hairy ass. We were quite happy to see that he was up to fingering his hole, stuffing his finger in and out a few times. This looks promising…

Pascal then plunged into the pile of pillows on the bed and started stroking that dick of his with intensity and finally exploded a hefty load that reached up to his chest. He then massaged his white juice into his dick and stomach before looking up to the camera, striking a sweet smile and a wink.

Marko interrupted Pascal in the shower after his shoot and the newbie was all smiles. Asked if it went well, he nodded favorably. Asked if we would see him again, he paused then said ‘oh yeah’ saying that he had enjoyed his experience. Marko even suggested that he would be his first scene partner, but as you will see in a couple of weeks, Marko’s schedule prevented him from breaking the new guy in.

So you’ll have to guess who will have the honours… Stay tuned.

Scene Title: One Step At A Time – Pascal Aubry