Raphael Gets Clarked – Gabriel Clark – Raphael Ducharme

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Raphael Gets Clarked Starring Gabriel Clark & Raphael Ducharme Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Clark (transitive verb): To strike heavily or pound incessantly or with repeated vigour, such as in: ‘As an intense top, Gabriel enjoys to clark his bottoms with vigour.’ Or again, ‘Raphael is going to be clarked incessantly in this scene.’…

Well, such is the lot awaiting Raphael Ducharme in this hot and intense scene with Gabriel Clark.

Gabriel told his scene partner in the opening segment that he was going to ‘get clarked’ today. And, we thought there was no better way to describe what was going to happen to Raphael in this shoot. Hence, a new verb is born: To clark!

So after their little chat, the guys head to the shower where they started making out. For a bottom boy, Raphael has an imposing stature. Taller and bulkier than Gabriel, this made it all the more challenging for our infamous pile driving top.

Gabriel starts off by sucking Raphael’s hefty boner, before our newbie tries his hand (and mouth) on Gabe’s ever hard 8 inch uncut dick. Watching Gabriel pump Raphael’s mouth was a pretty hot sight. After the guys got all worked up, it was time to move to the bedroom where Gabriel first ate away at his partner’s ass before ‘clarking’ him. They started on a stool and this was Raphael’s first chance to feel the full effect of Gabriel’s skillful ass pounding. With every push in, Raphael would squint and moan…

Then, onto the bed the guys went, and they got into a quasi-69 position with Gabriel lying on his back. He once again licked and fingered his buddy’s asshole while Raphael again wrapped his lips around Gabriel’s bone hard dick. After a few minutes of this action, it was time again for Gabe to get his hands on his partner’s butt and his dick back inside that hungry hole. The sight of Gabriel’s cock banging in and out of Raphael’s hole while our newbie’s dick was flopping up and down, and left to right, made it hard on us to focus while filming.

It was then time for Gabriel to move his partner around so he could fuck him in his favorite position. Raphael was going to get the pile driving of a lifetime. Gabe went to town on that ass and it wasn’t long before his up and down fucking motion made him spill a huge load all over Raphael’s cock and balls, and on his chest, neck and hand. Being the nice guy that he is, Gabriel then moved his partner onto his knees so he could suck on that huge dick to cumming. This revved Raphael’s cock and made him shoot his own nice load on Gabe’s waiting face and tongue. Spent, they kissed and swapped a bit of cum, before heading to the shower for round 2!

Scene Title: Raphael Gets Clarked – Gabriel Clark – Raphael Ducharme