Revenge Of The Titan – Alec Leduc – Christian Power

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Revenge Of The Titan Starring Alec Leduc & Christian Power Presented By Men of Montréal Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Well, Christian Power, the Titan, is back and he is looking pretty good with a bit of a leaner shape on him. He’s been away traveling in Canada, taking time off and doing club shows. He was in quite the joking mood, jabbing both Alec Leduc and Marko Lebeau with hints of sexual revenge. He was indeed in a playful mood as one joke after the other would spur out of his mouth during every break in shooting that day.

While chatting it up with Marko, we find out that Christian would love to park himself in Miami for a spell, seduced by its beach atmosphere and all. Winter is coming here in Montreal and the idea of heading south appeals to this hulk’s search for sun and sand. And when Alec told Marko that he was pretty chill for today’s scene, Christian menacingly said ‘Not for long’, intent on shoving his dick deep down Alec’s now welcoming ass. Remember last spring when these two shot a scene together? Alec was supposed to bottom for the first time, but he ended up choking on us… so to speak. So Christian had to deliver his ass up for service. Christian also hinted at Marko that he would want to have his revenge on our short hairy cub also, as it was Marko who broke in Christian for the very first time.

Once Marko declined an offer from Alec to join them, the two studs started fornicating, kissing and feeling each other up. Shape-wise Alec is no slouch, with a 200 lb. solid frame. But next to the towering Christian with his 260 lbs. of pure muscle he paled in comparison. Once our Titan took off his top, Alec got into some nice muscle worshipping. But it wasn’t long before he was on his knees and sucking his buddy’s cock. This sucking action gave way to a bit of a cock fight and a bit more of muscle admiration, and you could see the guys smiling and having fun.

Alec then instructed Christian to eat his ass out, which our bodybuilder did, using abundant amounts of saliva to lube up Alec’s butthole. Christian then pulled out a couple of dildos to prep Alec’s ass for his fucking. Alec definitely prefers the feel of the real thing, so after his hole got stretched out with the toys, he moved up to the couch, got on his knees and prepared to welcome Christian’s bone hard cock up his ass. Alec was enjoying this ass work. Christian’s rhythm was firm and Alec was even pressing his ass down on the Titan’s cock.

Alec then moved up on his knees on the couch’s armrest and pulled out his cock so Christian could press his lips on the meaty cock and shove it down his throat. After some extend cock-sucking action, Alec moved onto his back, again giving Christian easy access to his butthole. Alec was getting it hard and he was begging for more.

Christian was the first to unleash his load onto Alec’s balls and cock and was soon followed by Alec’s four-day accumulation of jizz. Alec has gotten us used to hefty loads, and this was no exception, sending up in jets in several spurts.

The guys were quite chill once they had finished. They hung out together for a while before heading out. These two are comfortable together and they definitely enjoyed getting re-acquainted.

Scene Title: Revenge Of The Titan – Alec Leduc – Christian Power