2 Little Piggies – Ricky Sinz – Luke Milan – J.R. – Drill my Hole

By: LoadedCocks.Net
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2 Little Piggies Starring Ricky Sinz, Luke Milan & J.R. Presented By Drill My Hole & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Luke and J.R are country boys with nothing to do and a bag full of apples. Bored stiff Luke challenges J.R to a throwing contest, whoever can hit the tree across the road with an apple wins. Soon they even get board of that and the game turns into who can hit the first car that passes by. Unfortunately the next car isn’t even a car at all, it’s a truck, a truck driven by Ricky Sinz no less. The apple is tossed hitting the truck dead on, breaks squeal and Ricky explodes from the truck raging. The boys take one look at Ricky and realize they threw one apple too many and run for the woods. Ricky isn’t one to give up a chase and follows them into the woods, catches up with them and tackles them both to the ground. Luke and J.R are covered in dirt from being tackled, but Ricky isn’t finished with these two little piggies….

Scene Title: 2 Little Piggies – Ricky Sinz – Luke Milan – J.R. – Drill my Hole