Caught Cheating – Adam Killian – Jessie Colter – Drill My Hole

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Caught Cheating Starring Adam Killian & Jessie Colter Presented By Drill My Hole & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: “WHAT THE FUCK!!” an angry Adam Killian yells from within his red 4×4. Adam has been staring at his mobile phone in disbelief, picture after picture of his boyfriend with every dick in his mouth other than his staring right back at him. Adam races over to confront his slut boyfriend, still not exactly sure what he is going to do -he is in a rage and it could easily get physical. He arrives at the cheaters place wanting answers. Adam flashes his phone holding the pictures to the door security camera while slamming on the front door, “OPEN THE DOOR. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID”. Jessie Cotler knows he’s in big trouble – Adam has found out what a slut he is, but for now he is safe, the front door is locked, but is the back patio door? Jessie runs to the back of the house and tries to close the door but he is too late. Adam overpowers Jessie from closing the door and it’s already getting physical, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, WHO IS THIS GUY!” demands Adam. Jessie begs for forgiveness, after a couple more shoves from Adam Jessie eventually loses his footing and drops to his knees. Adam caught between a wave of anger, jealousy, and lust decides to remind Jessie about his incredible 8″ cut cock, “SUCK MY COCK AND YOU BETTER SUCK IT GOOD! IS THAT HOW YOU SUCKED HIS COCK?” Jessie is gagging now, trying to apologize in-between breaths, Adam won’t have any of it and face-fucks him even harder to shut him up. Now face-fucking Jessie on the ground Adam gets up and promptly shoves his dirty hole in Jessie’s face demanding a thorough cleaning from this two-timing slut. Adam smothers Jessie with his beautiful ass for what seems like an hour, getting up he spits in Jessie’s face, throws him on the bed, and violently tears off his pants. Jessie is getting FUCKED now, Adam is going hard, throwing his meat in and out so fast that Jessie isn’t apologizing anymore, only gasping for air in between thrusts and Jessie sounds primal.

Scene Title: Caught Cheating – Adam Killian – Jessie Colter – Drill My Hole