Cockporn – AJ Monroe – Ridge Michaels – Big Dicks At School

By: LoadedCocks.Net
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Cockporn Starring AJ Monroe & Ridge Michaels Presented By Big Dicks At School & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: There’s something undeniably sexy about AJ Monroe, at least that’s what his roommate Ridge Michaels thinks. Ridge is studying hard for an upcoming test but AJ’s playfulness is making it hard to concentrate. AJ’s playful nature really just means he’s horny and wants his dick sucked, but to AJ it seems Ridge is just sitting there looking at a book. In a final attempt to get Ridge’s attention AJ offers him popcorn, but really it’s “cockporn” considering AJ has cut a hole in the bottom of the bag burring his dick in salt and butter. Ridge expecting to get a handful of popcorn gets a handful of salty cock. AJ ever so happy with his prank explains that he actually meant to offer Ridge “cockporn” but is dyslexic and said “popcorn”. Ridge isn’t buying AJ’s excuse and tells AJ that if he wants to get his dick sucked he just needs to ask..

Scene Title: Cockporn – AJ Monroe – Ridge Michaels – Big Dicks At School