Suited To Fuck – Dean Monroe – Jeremy Bilding – The Gay Office

By: LoadedCocks.Net
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Suited To Fuck Starring Dean Monroe & Jeremy Bilding Presented By The Gay Office & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Dean Monroe is a kiss ass, constantly brown nosing anyone in the office who he thinks can get him a raise. Dean is far from a bad employee; actually Dean is one of the top salesmen at the office, vastly improving sales in the short time he has been with the company. The majority of his peers might like Dean a lot better if he wasn’t so fake in the office, someone really needs to call him out and teach him a lesson. Jeremy Bilding is the president of the company, a self-made millionaire, a straight to the point man who doesn’t beat around the bush. Jeremy and Dean have a meeting today to go over some numbers and considering the ass-kissing that Jeremy has received as of late he fully expects Dean to ask for a raise, considering the recent positive numbers Dean might be right to expect one. While Jeremy is satisfied with Dean’s numbers he isn’t with his relentless brown nosing that his now causing problems in the office. Today Jeremy is going to teach Dean a lesson and truly show Dean what it means to get a real brown nose!

Scene Title: Suited To Fuck – Dean Monroe – Jeremy Bilding – The Gay Office