The Nude Model – Jacob Durham – Devin Adams – Big Dicks At School

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The Nude Model Starring Jacob Durham & Devin Adams Presented By Big Dicks At School & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Jacob is struggling with his school art project in the dorm common area late at night, nothing seems to be working and it’s due tomorrow morning! Frustrated and tired Jacob is about to give up when in walks Devin from a late night out. Devin is extremely handsome, tall, well built with a never ending boyish charm that has always made Jacob wonder what was hiding in those pants. Devin can see that Jacob is frustrated over his art project and being the nice guy he is encourages Jacob that his project is decent and that he will be fine, Jacob disagrees and with nothing to lose he propositions Devin that if he were to pose as a nude model Jacob would without a doubt do very well on his project. Devin isn’t interested at first and laughs it off, but Jacob is clearly distraught and Devin wants to help, “I’ll do it for a case beer of my choice” – Jacob would have bought a brewery to see this stud naked. Devin isn’t shy at all and immediately rips off his shirt and pants, leaving his briefs on – he can already taste the free case of beer. Jacob tells Devin to lose the briefs, for his class of course. Devin can’t believe he has to lose the briefs, but being a good sport and a good friend they come off. Devin is curious about how to be a model and playfully poses for Jacob, flexing with his meat flopping every which way. Jacob, the ever serious artist, tells Devin to stop fooling around and that if he really wants to help out he should get hard, for the projects sake of course. Devin lets Jacob draw his naked body, but soon grows curious and wants to see the picture, flipping it around Jacob’s true intentions are easy to see, Jacob has spent most of his time drawing Devin’s beefy cock. Smiles between them are exchanged, shy laughs follow – Jacob might not be finishing his project tonight after all.

Scene Title: The Nude Model – Jacob Durham – Devin Adams – Big Dicks At School