The Wrestling Challenge – Tyler Saint – Kirk Cummings – Big Dicks At School

By: LoadedCocks.Net
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The Wrestling Challenge Starring Tyler Saint & Kirk Cummings Presented By Big Dicks At School & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Kirk Cummings is a terrible wrestler, in fact he doesn’t even like wrestling, so why would Kirk join the school wrestling team? Kirk signed up to the wrestling team right after he found out that training involved Tyler Saint manhandling him while wearing sweaty skin tight spandex. You see Kirk has a weak spot for muscles and big cocks, two things that Tyler has clearly an abundance of according to the outline of wrestling suit. Tyler calls Kirk bright and early on Saturday morning and tells him to come over for more practice. Tyler thinks that Kirk has been struggling lately with a wrestling position that he can’t get out of, but little does he know that Kirk doesn’t want to get out. The position requires Kirk to be mounted from behind while his arms are locked. Kirk especially loves when Tyler pins him, but this latest position puts Tyler’s cock outline right on Kirk’s hole, Tyler almost came the first time it happened and has been “struggling” with this position since. Kirk arrives to practice to find Tyler already wrestling with another student – Tyler is huge today already pumped from a morning workout. Tyler looks up to see Kirk watching and tells him to wait his turn because he’s next, Kirk can’t wait!

Scene Title: The Wrestling Challenge – Tyler Saint – Kirk Cummings – Big Dicks At School