Trick Or Treat – Adam Killian – David Chase – Drill My Hole

By: LoadedCocks.Net
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Trick Or Treat Starring Adam Killian & David Chase Presented By Drill My Hole & MEN.COM Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: It’s Halloween, Adam Killian sits a little uneasy at his kitchen table. Adam doesn’t mind Halloween, but he doesn’t love being startled. Adam has decided that this year he’s just going to take it easy and stay in rather than go out with his friends. One of Adam’s friends David Chase cooks up a plan to have a little fun by scaring Adam while he’s home alone. David sneaks up to Adam’s kitchen window wearing a slasher film mask holding a machete, tapping on the window ever so lightly. Adam turns around and screams, terror quickly turns into rage as he runs out to catch the prankster. Pulling David inside by his mask, Adam isn’t impressed at all especially after David begins to laugh it off. Adam knows that the only way to stop David from laughing is a fat cock and that’s exactly what David is going to get.

Scene Title: Trick Or Treat – Adam Killian – David Chase – Drill My Hole