Addicted – Goran – Massimo Blade – Francesco D’Macho

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Addicted Starring Goran, Massimo Blade & Francesco D’Macho Presented By Raging Stallion Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Francesco D’Macho wants to see Massimo Blade and Goran fuck, so he hides in their bedroom and waits, cock in hand, for bedtime. Within microseconds of helping each other out of their shirts, they are grabbing pecs, sniffing pits and biting nipples. Francesco’s view makes his cock harder. He hears clothes being tossed, sees the fantastic creatures inked on Goran and Massimo come to life as they get each other fired up. The objects of his voyeurism fail to hear his clothes drop to the floor with theirs. Squeezing Goran’s cock in his throat, Massimo spreads his tan and hairy buns, using fingers as a placeholder for the hard meat he’ll soon have there. Goran’s thumb replaces those fingers, which Massimo licks the musty juice off of. They connect in a sit-fuck, Massimo sucking Goran’s thumb and caressing his own hard, smooth torso as Goran bounces, intent on taking every inch. Fucking is so intense that it’s aerobic as they switch to missionary. Francesco’s cum-cries are masked by those from Goran and Massimo, who erupt with steamy loads and fall asleep in each other’s arms, allowing Francesco to escape.

Scene Title: Addicted – Goran – Massimo Blade – Francesco D’Macho