Full Release – Keiran – Jeremy Stevens

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Full Release Starring Keiran & Jeremy Stevens Presented By Raging Stallion Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Keiran’s got a huge, heavy cock, fat and hard. After fast and furious necking, handsome blond Jeremy Stevens hovers his head over that dick, gauging the best angle to attack. His aim is true, because in seconds he swallows it all. With the aid of some spit and Keiran’s hand to guide his head, Jeremy bobs on that cock like it was half the size. It makes his eyes tear and his nose run. Keiran has other ideas about where his cock belongs: no matter how warm and deep Jeremy’s throat is, his ass is warmer and deeper. Jeremy shows how much he wants it by kneeling with his legs spread, lifting his buns high, and waving his hard on and balls like a red flag. Keiran tests the goodies with his tongue before centering his cock on that hole. Then with Keiran thrusting forward and Jeremy pushing back, Jeremy gets speared. He breaks out in perspiration, his expression a mixture of pain and desire. The crab position allows them to take turns doing the hard work of fucking, then Keiran can’t sustain another stroke and he blows a thick load into Jeremy’s beard. Jeremy’s spends the contents of his balls in a Full Release on the floor as Keiran licks droplets of his own jism off Jeremy’s face and kisses him.

Scene Title: Full Release – Keiran – Jeremy Stevens