Open Road Part 1 – Adam Ramzi – Aleks Buldocek

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Open Road Part 1 Starring Adam Ramzi & Aleks Buldocek Presented By Raging Stallion Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Adam Ramzi walks into Aleks Buldocek’s bar throws his bag down, sits on a barstool and asks for “something strong.” Aleks sees a handsome, athletic guy in plaid flannel with abundant chest hairs curling out of his unbuttoned shirt. Adam sees massive pecs and a torso covered with ink and fur. Their hands slide over each other as Aleks pushes a shot glass across the polished wood. When their eyes meet, Aleks knows Adam wants something stronger than a shot. Aleks sits on the bar and guides Adam’s head while he sucks. Adam straddles a bar stool, hanging his ass over the edge for Aleks to eat and fuck. Adam’s hot ass cheeks are white and covered in barely visible hairs that darken and thickens towards his crack. They bang hard, kiss, then resume fucking with Adam on his back, his tight abs clenching into symmetric ripples with Aleks’ every thrust. Adam worships Aleks’ nipples, pecs and biceps with his tongue. Their lips meet for a final hungry kiss as they blast out streams of cum.

Scene Title: Open Road Part 1 – Adam Ramzi – Aleks Buldocek