Stripped 2 – Hard For The Money – Marcus Ruhl – Zeb Atlas

By: LoadedCocks.Net

Stripped 2: Hard For The Money Starring Marcus Ruhl & Zeb Atlas Presented By Raging Stallion Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Zeb Atlas is bigger than huge, with biceps the size of his head, and he’s smooth from nose to toes. Marcus Ruhl is the muscle-struck fan who coaxes Zeb off the stage for a one-on-one muscle party. Zeb’s cock is a smooth swallow for Marcus, whose roving hands are all over the rest of Zeb’s body. Zeb makes his massive pecs dance as he looks down at Marcus, whose cheeks are hollow with suction as he punishes his throat with humongous cock. Marcus, who has plenty of muscles himself, as well as some body hair, gets flipped around and bent over a stool so Zeb’s dick can sample his other hole. Zeb pistons and Marcus’s flesh moves outward in ripples from the force. A change to sit-fuck lets Marcus control how fast, hard and deep he gets fucked and his cock ticks away the rhythm. Zeb increases the pace like a runner in the final stretch, the cords in his mighty neck standing out in high relief as he and Marcus spew thick ropes of jizz.

Scene Title: Stripped 2 – Hard For The Money – Marcus Ruhl – Zeb Atlas