The Woods Part 2 – Jessy Ares – Landon Conrad

By: LoadedCocks.Net

The Woods Part 2 Starring Jessy Ares & Landon Conrad Presented By Raging Stallion Gay Porn Gallery, Photos & Video

Scene Description: Landon Conrad gets separated from his buddy while he is hiking, and something has come over him. He sits down on a stump to catch his bearings when the sexy Jessy Ares appears naked before him. Whatever has Landon disoriented, makes him hungry for cock, and he’s overcome by the sight of the furred, bearded, rampantly hard man marching in his direction. The overwhelming need for cock and sex that has possessed them both lead them to each other, and they go at it ferociously. Landon slurps up Jessy’s cock, but sucking is not enough for Landon, who turns Jessy around to feast on his ass. Landon goes right in for the kill without waiting for reciprocation, and he begins to plow Jessy’s ass. The compulsion to connect outweighs concerns of being seen as manly chests heave in tandem and Landon’s cock breaches Jessy’s hole again and again. Giving his ass a rest, Jessy orally services the cock that fucked him, using his hand to increase the sensation and the heat. Stopping before Landon can shoot his load, Jessy splays him over a stump and fucks him in return. Landon’s torso curves inward, bringing his abs and chest muscles into high relief and he strokes his cock into releasing all his built up jizz, with Jessy’s eruption of cum mixing with Landon’s.

Scene Title: The Woods Part 2 – Jessy Ares – Landon Conrad